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Welcome to Chimpage: In existence in Northwest Europe since the year 2001.


CHIMPAGE NEWS - LATEST STORIES Sixteen badgers have been killed when their badgercopter crashed in flames(more)...Lecturer wins giant face award (more)...Man attacked by giant inflatable bananas (more)...Five monkeys launched into space by amateur rocket scientist (more)

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Last Updated: 7th April 2006

THE SMALLPRINT: Yes, even Chimpage has smallprint, and by god it's good! Firstly, let us just say that this website has no connection whatsoever with reality, so if for instance we say that a certain celebrity has been pole vaulting using giraffes necks, or something equally or less bizarre it won't actually be true. That's a shame, we think. Also, a lot of trouble has gone into the site, so it's hereby COPYRIGHTED (yes, that's right - you heard us the first time). Don't steal this site's material. We have access to rabid monkeys and jugs of hot bovril so it's very unwise to rip us off, as a small monkey force will invade your toilet and catch you off guard sooner or later! Whilst we're here we might as well point out that no monkeys, chimps or gorillas were harmed in the making of this website. Pity.